BitTorrent is both the name of a peer to peer (P2P) file distribution client application (a program that you would download and run on your computer to share files) and also the name of the file sharing protocol itself, both of which were created by programmer Bram Cohen. BitTorrent is designed to widely distribute large amounts of data without everybody downloading from a single server. What this means is that when there is a large demand for big files on the server, we can't possibly keep up, so you can use Bittorrent to download the large files from everyone else who either has the file available for download or is currently downloading the file. It has been estimated that BitTorrent is responsible for 35% of all traffic on the internet! So you aren't using some fringe technology when you use Bittorrent.

But a little education is helpful: has a good tutorial about using BitTorrent

Here is a list of all of the Bittorrent files that we have available on the DahrJamailIraq website. Once you have a Bittorrent client setup, click on any one to begin to download.


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