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November 30, 2005 - MidEastWire.com Daily Iraq Monitor

November 30, 2005


"The 1920 Revolution Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Iraq, has released a videotape in which it claimed responsibility for an attack with an explosive charge in Al-Khalidiyah area, in western Baghdad. The group said that the attack targeted two US soldiers. The authenticity of the videotape could not be confirmed by an independent source."


Within its 0800 GMT newscast, Al Sharqiyah reports that "unidentified gunmen this morning attacked a minibus carrying construction workers in Ba'qubah, the biggest city of Diyala Governorate. Iraqi Police source said that nine workers were killed and two others were wounded in the incident that took place on a rural road near their village in Abu-Sayda subdistrict, 30 kilometers east of Ba'qubah. Local residents said that the workers were employees at a US base near Ba'qubah."

At 0913 GMT, Al Sharqiyah reports that "an explosive charge went off while an Iraqi Police patrol was travelling last night in the Al-Abbarah area, northeast of Ba'qubah. Al Sharqiyah's correspondent in the city said that four members of the patrol were wounded in the explosion and a police vehicle was damaged."

At 1200 GMT, Al Sharqiyah reports that Al-Nasiriyah Criminal Court sentenced four brothers convicted of kidnapping a Jordanian national in September 2004 to life imprisonment. A judicial source said that the court sentenced Saddam, Tariq, Wisam and Jabir Wasim Mahmud to life imprisonment after convicting them of kidnapping a Jordanian citizen in Al-Nasiriyah. - TV - Middle East, Middle East



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