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October 30, 2006 - MidEastWire.com Daily Iraq Monitor

October 30, 2006

Al Sharqiyah TV:

Several areas in central Baghdad witnessed a violent night in which fierce clashes erupted between groups of gunmen and residents of these areas. Various kinds of weapons were used during the clashes. Local residents of the neighbourhoods of Al-Rahmaniyah, Al-Ju'ayfar, and Haifa Street said that the clashes erupted when groups of gunmen tried to enter these areas from the Al-Alawi area, where armed residents stood up to them and clashed with them for more than four hours, during which light, medium, and heavy weapons were used.

The eastern Al-Karradah area and its peripheries are under complete closure and house to house raid-and-search campaign is being conducted by joint US-Iraqi forces. Within the past week Al-Karradah residents have been facing difficult living situation. The report adds that the Al-Karradah area, which is a vital economic and commercial centre in Baghdad, is suffering a semi-full paralysis. - MIDEASTWIRE.COM, Middle East



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