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October 24, 2006 - MidEastWire.com Daily Iraq Monitor

October 24, 2006

Al Sharqiyah TV:

Police sources said that four people were killed and 16 others wounded when a booby-trapped car exploded in Beirut Square, eastern Baghdad, on 23 October .

An explosive charge went off this morning under an Iraqi police patrol near Shaykh Abd-al-Qadir Al-Kilani Mosque in the Shaykh Umar Street in central Baghdad. Interior Ministry sources said that three people, including a policeman, were killed and 13 others, including eight policemen, were wounded in the explosion.

A source at the Martyr Al-Sadr Office announced on Monday that the body of Muhammad al-Bahadili, brother of Al-Mahdi Army Commander Ali al-Bahadili, was found in Al-Amarah city four days after his abduction, which took place in response to the assassination on last Wednesday of the chief of the criminal intelligence department in Maysan. Al-Bahadili was accused of carrying out the abduction operation."

An Interpol liaison officer was killed in an explosive charge blast that targeted an Iraqi military patrol in Baghdad.

Mortar shells landed on various areas in the Diyala Governorate, northeast of Baghdad. A security sources in Ba'qubah, the centre of Diyala, said that a citizen was killed and ten others, including three Iraqi policemen, were wounded when mortars landed on Abi Sayda sub-district, northeast of Ba'qubah. Mortars also fell on the 17 July Village in Bani Sa'd district in southern Ba'qubah, wounding four persons, including a woman.

A US force killed five gunmen in an air raid in southern Balad in Salah-al-Din Governorate, north of Baghdad. In a statement today, the US Army said it received information that a number of gunmen were present at a house in Balad city in southern Tikrit - the centre of Salah-al-Din Governorate. The US force asked the gunmen to leave the house, but they refused to do so. The statement added that the US forces launched an air raid against the house and managed to destroy it and kill four gunmen. The fifth gunman, however, was killed in a confrontation with a military force that was heading to the house.

Gunmen attacked with mortars a US base in Hit, a city in Al-Anar Governorate in western Iraq. Residents of the area said that four mortars landed on the base last night and caused fire. The US Army did not comment on the incident or the damage that was inflicted on the building, which the US forces use as their premises. - MIDEASTWIRE.COM, Middle East



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