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September 28, 2006 - MidEastWire.com Daily Iraq Monitor

September 28, 2006

Al Sharqiyah TV:

Al-Battawin Police Center in central Baghdad came under a double attack by a car bomb and mortar shells at noon. Five people, including a police officer, were killed and 15 civilians were wounded.

A suicide bomber ploughed his explosives-laden car into the entrance of an Iraqi Army barracks in Al-Sha'b neighbourhood in northeastern Baghdad, killing two soldiers and wounding 12 others.

Four policemen were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded in Al-Yarmuk neighbourhood. A police patrol was struck with a roadside bomb near the Technology University. Three policemen were wounded as a result.

Five civilians were wounded when a number of mortars landed on the area of Abu Chir, south of Baghdad.

Unidentified gunmen attacked the area of Al-Huriyah in the northern suburb of Baghdad last night, killing 11 and wounding 10 others. All of them are civilians. An Interior Ministry source said that the gunmen opened fire indiscriminately after the sunset break fast.

Deputy Usamah al-Nujayfi, from the National Iraqi list, survived an assassination attempt in central Baghdad. Sources close to Al-Nujayfi, a member of the Iraqi House of Representatives and a former minister, said that a roadside bomb exploded near his car in the area of Al-Alawi. The National Iraqi List denounced the attempt on Al-Nujayfi's life, saying that the incident came "in the aftermath of the principled and courageous stands of the members of the list in the face of the desperate attempts to drag the Iraqis into the quagmire of hateful sectarianism and racism".

Iraqi police forces discovered 40 bodies in several areas in Baghdad. A security source said that the bodies, which were blindfolded and had gunshot wounds and signs of torture on them, were discovered in the areas of Al-Kamaliyah, Al-Dawrah, Al-Amin and Al-Saydiyah. - MIDEASTWIRE.COM, Middle East



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