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August 3, 2006 - MidEastWire.com Daily Iraq Monitor

August 3, 2006

Al Sharqiyah TV:

Three children were killed by a mortar shell which fell on a playground in Abu-Dushayr area, southern Baghdad. A source adds that three children belonging to the same family were wounded in the same district when a mortar shell fell on their house.

Clashes erupted near Al-Mada'in south of Baghdad. An Iraqi Police statement said that 15 gunmen and three policemen were killed, and four officers and two civilians were wounded in the clashes. Ten houses were damaged.

Akram Salman, the first Iraqi football team coach, has resigned from the Iraqi Football Federation and headed to Kurdistan after receiving death threats. It is noteworthy that a bomb explosion occurred on August 2 evening near the football ground in Al-Amil district, southwestern Baghdad, which resulted in the killing of 16 people and the wounding of 20 others, including 13 junior players.

Gunmen attacked an Iraqi police checkpoint on the road leading to Wasit, south of Baghdad, last night, which resulted in the martyrdom of 14 people including eight civilians and six of the checkpoint crew.

Gunmen assassinated the family of Thamir Hakim, first police lieutenant in Al-Wajahiyah, central Ba'qubah, and the leader of the residential compound affiliated with Diyala Electricity Company. He also said that another civilian was killed near Al-Khalis Hospital, northwestern Ba'qubah, in addition to Hadi Fulayih Hasan, chief of the Bani Zayd tribe who was killed on the road between Al-Khalis and Al-Uzaym.

Clashes erupted between unknown gunmen and joint police and army forces in southern Baghdad. A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Information Office said that 15 gunmen were killed in the clashes and large amounts of weapons and ammunitions were confiscated, in addition to the destruction of dens used to attack civilians.

A booby-trapped car exploded before midday today in Al-Thawrah district near Tall Afar, west of Mosul, targeting an Iraqi police patrol, which resulted in the wounding of one of the patrol's members. - MIDEASTWIRE.COM, Middle East



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