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June 12, 2006 - MidEastWire.com Daily Iraq Monitor

June 12, 2006

Al Sharqiyah TV:

An explosive charge went off near Al-Dawrah oil refinery in northern Baghdad, causing the martyrdom of six employees and the wounding of 12 others at the refinery. A source at the Iraqi Interior Ministry said that the victims were riding in a bus when the explosive charge went off just before the start of official working hours this morning.

In the Al-Shu'lah area in northern Baghdad, male and female teachers were wounded when gunmen fired on them today.

In the Al-Mafraq area in Ba'qubah, gunmen fired on a grocery store in the Khalil Market, causing the martyrdom of four people: Three brothers and a cousin.

An Iraqi woman and a police officer were martyred in a clash between gunmen and a security patrol in the city of Mosul, north of Baghdad. Ninawa Police spokesman said that the patrol members exchanged fire yesterday with an armed group near the public bus station in Tall Afar in the right side of Mosul, causing the martyrdom of the woman and the police officer and the wounding of another civilian, who was, most likely, the martyred woman's husband.

The Al-Karradah area in Baghdad was yesterday a scene for the explosion of a booby-trapped car that resulted in the martyrdom of six civilians and the wounding of 42 others, in addition to destroying three civilian cars and some shops' windows in the site. It is noteworthy that the area witnessed the day before yesterday a car-bomb explosion resulted in the martyrdom of five persons and the wounding of 12 others.

In the city of Al-Amarah, in central Maysan Governorate in southern Iraq, unidentified gunmen assassinated Ali Mutar Hammadi al-Sa'idi, a former member of the banned Al-Ba'th Party. Local police sources said that sixty-year-old Al-Sa'idi, who worked as a deputy officer in the former Iraqi Army, was assassinated in the city of Al-Amarah by three unidentified gunmen.

A suicide bomber rammed his booby-trapped car into a convoy of cars lining up to be filled with gasoline in Tall Afar in northern Iraq, causing the martyrdom of four civilians. A local police spokesman noted that 24 people were wounded in the explosion of the booby-trapped car. - MIDEASTWIRE.COM, Middle East



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